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We want everyone to know that American Addiction Centers has a location near them that is ready to provide a path towards a substance-free life. Everyone deserves to live without the burden of addiction. Every American Addiction Centers location provides a welcoming environment. American Addiction Centers understands that addiction knows no boundaries when it comes to the people it impacts. Addiction can start at any age to a person of any background. It is not uncommon for an individual to try a drug recreationally. However, the path towards addiction can begin when that individual starts experiencing withdrawal symptoms from their use that compels them to use again in effort to combat the negative symptoms. Before the individual even realizes their cravings, there is a physical and psychological need for more, known as dependence. Each American Addiction Centers location is available to help people recover from this dependence.

Health concerns are often motivating factors for prospective patients and their loved ones to reach out to one of our American Addiction Centers locations. We implore people to consider the health risks of addiction to their own bodies, as well as the impact on the people who care for them. For some, other motivational factors help create the “aha” moment. These factors can include legal issues, financial problems, strained relationships and family pressures. Whether or not someone chooses an American Addiction Centers location is not important, as long as they are able to get the help they need.

The sooner a person gets involved in the recovery process, the better it is for their long-term health. However, it is never too late to seek help. At any stage of life, living with a substance use issue will decrease the quality of life. Seeking treatment and establishing sobriety can also help repair or re-establish connections with family and friends. A life without the daily struggles of addiction can bring about new opportunities. A lot of people who have attended an American Addictions Center location will go on to pay it forward. Without daily substance use, they can go out and help others in similar positions.

Future blog posts will touch on some of the great work conducted daily at each American Addiction Centers location. To find the facility nearest you, see below:

  • California
    • Laguna Treatment Hospital
  • Mississippi
    • Oxford Treatment Center
  • Texas
    • Greenhouse Treatment Center
  • Florida
    • Recovery First Treatment Center
    • River Oaks Treatment Center
  • Nevada
    • Desert Hope Treatment Center
  • Rhode Island
    • AdCare Rhode Island
    • AdCare Rhode Island Outpatient
  • Massachusetts
    • AdCare Hospital
    • AdCare Hospital Outpatient
  • New Jersey
    • Sunrise House Treatment Center