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When starting the recovery process, some individuals have concerns that there is not a center near them that can help them with their needs along the way. It is unfortunate that people struggling with substance use need to worry about the logistics of things such as the quality or location of a treatment center. Fortunately, American Addiction Centers is making strides towards improving access to resources for those that are in need of them. With treatment centers located throughout the United States, American Addiction Centers can help individuals with substance use disorder find the treatment center nearest them. Everyone deserves to live free of the burden of addiction and have the opportunity to recover from substance use.

American Addiction Centers recognizes the importance of treatment focused on the person just as much as the intended results of recovery. The center upholds this belief by remaining a judgment free zone and safe space for individuals seeking help. The centers understand that addiction knows no boundaries when it comes to the people it impacts. Addiction can start at any age and affect a person of any different type of background. Each American Addiction Centers location also acknowledges that the impacts of substance use do not stop at the ingestion of substances. They also recognize that the individual’s support system can be impacted. One of the most common paths leading towards addiction is when a person initially tries a drug recreationally the first few times, but soon experiences withdrawal symptoms after the first few uses. This then leads to the individuals using again to combat those symptoms. Before they even realize, there is a physical and psychological need for the drug that can be cyclical. Each American Addiction Centers location is available to help people acknowledge their dependence upon substances and work towards sobriety.

One the biggest motivational factors for reaching out to an American Addiction Centers location are often the inherent health concerns that accompany substance use. We implore people to consider the health risks of addiction to their own bodies, as well as those who care for and help support them. Substance use often leads to impaired judgment that could result in harm to self or others. For example, alcohol addiction can lead to a situation where a person operates a vehicle in an impaired state, which could result in devastating consequences for both the impaired driver and others. Other addictions can directly harm the body by causing irreversible damage to organs critical for keeping a person alive. One such example are the effects of cocaine on blood vessels and blood pressure.

For some individuals, other motivational factors help create the “aha” moment that puts them on the path towards seeking help. These factors can include legal issues, financial problems, relationships that are torn apart, and family pressures to establish sobriety. There are many facets of a person’s life that addiction can negatively impact, ultimately motivating them to seek help and support. American Addiction Centers locations are eager to help any individual or their loved one who might need treatment.

The sooner a person gets involved in the recovery process, the better it is for their long-term health. This is because addiction can cause damage that increases incrementally over time. It is important to remember, however, that it is never too late to seek help for substance use and starting on the path now is immensely better than never undergoing the process. At any stage of life, living with a substance use disorder will decrease one’s quality of life. Those who are dealing with challenges related to substance use later in life often need to be reminded that seeking treatment not only helps them, but can help repair or re-establish connections with family and friends. Each American Addiction Centers location acknowledges that life without the daily struggles of addiction can bring about new opportunities. A lot of people who have left an American Addiction Centers location will go on to pay it forward and provide inspiration and motivation to those who still struggle with addiction. Without daily substance use, they can go out and help others in similar positions by showing them a living example of someone who decided to make a change.

American Addiction Centers knows that the first step in addiction recovery often begins with an online search and resources. To this point, the center hopes to contribute to the ongoing topic of recovery to provide insights for affected individuals and their families. Future blog posts will touch on some of the great work that is conducted daily at each American Addiction Centers location. This will include insights into how each American Addiction Centers location treats the whole person by addressing multiple facets of how their substance use impacts their lives, how individuals who went through treatment can utilize their experience to help others in need of motivation, and how approaches towards recovery can emphasize mental wellness in conjunction with physical wellness.

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  • Nevada
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  • Rhode Island
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  • Massachusetts
    • AdCare Hospital
    • AdCare Hospital Outpatient
  • New Jersey
    • Sunrise House

American Addiction Centers recognizes the importance of choosing a treatment center location that best fits the individual’s needs. Choosing a facility nearby can be good for people who want to stay close to their support system of family and love ones. It could also be a situation where insurance may cover treatment closer to home rather than in another state. Some consider traveling to another area for treatment if they want to create some physical separation from addiction triggers. It is not uncommon that a person seeking assistance with recovery wants to explore a new area. Regardless of an individual’s personal circumstances for seeking recovery, it is most important that they choose a rehab treatment facility that best fulfills their needs. What makes for a good fit will depend heavily on what the person seeking assistance is looking for in a treatment facility.