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Seeking treatment for addiction is a process that is specific to the individual in need of assistance. There are many factors that determine whether a treatment center will be right for someone, therefore, anything down to the location of the center can play a role in the effectiveness of treatment. Naturally, there are a variety of pros and cons of attending either a local or nonlocal treatment center. Here, American Addiction Centers discusses the benefits of attending either a local or nonlocal American Addiction Centers location.

Benefits of Visiting a Local American Addiction Centers location

There are certainly some benefits that can come with choosing an American Addiction Centers location that is close to home. For example, undergoing treatment in a local American Addiction Centers location can be great for individuals that have important commitments rooted to their home base that they can not easily leave behind. Nearby treatment centers also can also sometimes be cost-effective in situations where the added cost of travel could serve as a limiting factor for either the individual or their family and friends. This can particularly be the case when insurance covers treatment, but coverage does not extend to the costs associated with travelling.

Another reason that some individuals seeking treatment opt for a local location is because they allow them to remain near their support network. When someone has a strong, established network of friends and family nearby, it can sometimes be beneficial to stay close. Local rehab centers also have the benefit of already having an established connection with resources in the area that include support groups, counselors, work programs, and other sources of support that can be helpful for the continued care of patients. Treatment center locations that are further away have access to similar resources, but it may be helpful for a patient to see the support systems that exist within their own community.

Benefits of Visiting a Nonlocal American Addiction Centers location

Just as there are associated benefits with attending a local treatment center, there are potential upsides of nonlocal treatment as well. Traveling for rehab can be a very effective option if the patient’s home city does not have as many options for treatment and support as one that they can travel to.  In some cases, the treatment options in the patient’s city or town are great, but not the best fit for a variety of possible reasons. In these situations, traveling for treatment may be the best option for aligning what the person wants and needs from a center.

Centers that are further away from home also provide a change of scenery that can be immensely helpful for breaking the cycle of addiction. In a new location, an individual struggling from addiction can be free of the daily influences that impact their ability to carve out a life independent of substances. Sometimes triggers in our everyday lives are a catalyst for drug use, and space from these factors can keep a patient on the right path.  Also, in moments where treatment feels difficult, attending an American Addiction Centers location far from home can keep a patient from calling someone in hopes of leaving.

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